Brand Protection Management

Let’s face it, your brand’s reputation in the digital world is as important as it is in the real world. Why ? Because even before a consumer interacts with your brand in the real world, your consumer can make a decision whether or not to engage with you based on what other consumers are saying about you online. At Mammal Digital we help you protect your brand’s reputation online by two simple methods to ensure we bring more positive content about your brand to the forefront, which helps users make a more informed decision. We also help answer all those negative reviews and try and sort them out through social listening.

- Our Approach to Online Reputation

1. Removing negative search results

Some consumers just want to tarnish your brand based on a small bad experience. We help you remove unwanted results from google or social media.

2. Pushing down unwanted search results

If we can’t remove unwanted results we help flush them down to the bottom by using high quality positive results to dominate what shows up.

3. Isolate Harmful Content

Some content can harm your business, we propose a project sequencing to help resolve your or isolate the harmful content.

4. Social Media Brand Protection

We help mitigate any kind of hate speeches, abuse, trolling or cyber bullying to your brand.

5. Resolve Negative Reviews

We have a forensic approach to understand which reviews are fake left by competitors and approach the real negative reviews with a solution, so the users take down what they have said.

6. Remove/Limit Hate Sites and Threads

We help assist with any kind of hate threads or forums and help you find them and resolve the queries that consumers might have.

7. Reputation Monitoring

An open ear to what consumers are saying is the most important aspect of any brand that goes online. We help you monitor those conversations your consumers are having and be part of them.

What we do

Positive Brand Reputation Management

At Mammal Digital we help your brand with strategies that work with consumers to give their feedback online, as a brand when we reach out to your consumers asking them to review you it makes your brand look concerned to provide a better product or service. And when we do make those changes consumers will appreciate your brand, and when they do it online it helps others make an informed decision. We use many strategies to help bring positive reviews to the forefront and address any negativity so consumers are aware your brand cares.

Social Listenings

As a brand it’s important to hear what your consumers are saying, on social media and on search engines. Mammal digital uses a variety of tools to keep an open ear to all those discussions, hashtags, keywords and topics that are connected and relevant to your brand. We then converse with your consumers and bring the important stuff to your attention. You leave the listening to us, while you improve and conduct your business through the insight we provide from what consumers are saying.