Digital strategy

Digital Strategy that meet your business goals.

At Mammal Digital we deep dive into your business goals to carefully plan the use of digital channels, the types of content and the budgets we need to make sure your business goals are met.

- Our Process

1. Identifying goals
2. Figuring out channels and tools
3. Create content for channels
4. Optimize Campaigns for the chosen channels

1. Identifying goals

We begin with creating a document that outlines all the goals your business might have. We might do this over a call or a coffee, but the deeper our understanding of your goals are the more effective our strategies will be. Business goals can be increased revenue, more brand visibility, an increase in leads, and more. At Mammal we help you define these goals with a measurable number, so when we do hit these goals, we can set new targets for us to achieve.

2. Media Planning & Tools

At Mammal we have platform specific insights on audience behaviour, segmentation, content that works well and usage of the platforms. This helps us propose specific channels for separate types of target groups and distinguished content by understanding your audience, on the platforms they use, and why they use them. We also help plan the right tools that might connect with your CRM to help connect with your audiences better.

3. Messaging

All your audiences are broken down and classified into groups. As an agency we first understand audience behaviour and then break down what each category is looking for from your content. Content is then written to tackle the category pain points and problem statements. Once the messaging is in order, we take it to the writers and designer to create the content.

4. Campaign Optimization

Once your campaign is live targeting user groups on specific platforms

Once your campaign is live, targeting user groups on specific platforms, our teams carefully monitor the ads that are running on a daily basis. Daily tracking leads to optimizing the campaigns for better cost per click, and removing unwanted audiences viewing your campaign. Our campaign optimization has always beaten industry records thereby bringing in an abundance of leads and sales for all our campaigns.