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Is your website really equipped to get you traffic, leads and conversions?

Get your Website Audited for Free, and find out.

Every website must have an objective and a goal, and to satisfy these goals, websites need to be built in a particular way and follow some standard procedures. Marketing a broken website is like pouring water into a cup with holes.

Mammal’s free website analysis helps you understand the following information about your website. The overall score will determine how much work needs to go into your website or landing pages before you begin your digital marketing online.

1. Content quality

The quality of your content plays an important role in the experience users have on the websites. The quality can be measured by the authenticity of your content, duplicate content that’s present on other domains brings down your score. We also check if the content is communicating everything you do and if it’s detailed out so your audience keeps coming back for more. Our audit will show you the places where your content can be improved.

2. Websites performance

Mammal checks for a variety of issues that could affect the performance of your website. Below are the three main factors that influence a website to perform.

a. Internal links
Internal links help a user to find your content easily, influence longer page visits and overall helps google understand your website better.

b. Website size and speed
A website that doesn’t load under 3 seconds will lose anywhere between 60 % - 80 % potential users. We audit your code, image size and check if your website is on an optimal server to ensure your website is light and loads quick.

c. Various screen performance
We check if all your features are device friendly and if a particular feature is hindering the performance on some devices. The audit will give you an insight on the website.

3. Keyword ranks in search engines

We give you an overall report on where you rank against your competitors for certain keywords.

4. Certifications

We recommend any certifications that you might require to keep your audience’s trust.

5. Web hosting

We check your hosting plans and recommend optimal servers to satisfy the website’s objectives.