GBR Metals
Exploring Digital Marketing

GBR TMT is one of South India’s most reliable TMT Manufactures with a 40 year legacy in the steel industry.

The requirement

Website ranking on search engines

+ Run Search
+ Marketing
+ Campaigns

The challenge

Taking GBR’s dominant offline market into a new conversation in the digital space.

Our Approach

1Campaign Setup

+ Facebook
+ Google Display
+ Linkedin

+ Website Optimization
> Keyword Optimization
> Tracking Code implemenation

Optimize the website, to make it search friendly, and make our actions measurable.

Identify the market search terms and create search ad campaigns focused to these searches.


W e deployed ‘Query relevant ads’ that answer serach queries. For example, displaying the price of steel, for a search query like

“TMT price today”

Functional first hand information led to a larger conversation and boosted organic ranking.



The query relevant ads, we were able to achieve an average CTR


more clicks to the site


increase in leads generated