Mr & Mrs Idly
Digital Market Research

Mr. & Mrs. Idly is a renowned brand catering to South Indian food started in Chennai and rapidly expanding its chains across India.

The requirement

To grow the Mr and Mrs Idly’s franchise nationally

The challenge

Scaling up nationally with minimal spends Reaching out to a particular audience that is looking for a second income

Our Approach

1Campaign Setup

We ran a digital survey across 17 states in India to find a relevant audience that consumed South Indian food.

From open sources forums to zomato, Data was collected to predict, how popular is “idly” when compared to other food items priced in the similar category


The audience was segregated into 3 types, based on their interests, occupation & location.

Custom messaging was created for each audience. We deployed city & state wide campaigns for the segregated.

Our budgets were split according to our understanding of how each of the platforms work.

Of the total audience
sampled, 52% preferred Idly in
Uttar pradesh, Maharashtra,
Haryana, Telangana and Bihar

The demand for idly was lesser in these states
Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra pradesh,
Jharkhand and Gujarat.

Growth Projections

74 to 110

franchises in 4 months

9 new locations

every month


increase in leads generated