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At Mammal Digital we look at social media very differently than your regular user. With every campaign social media plays a huge role for all the clients we work with. Social Media marketing encompasses a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube and more. While these platforms allow us to extensively run ads with targeting right down to the area, genders, and interests, Social media is great for creating news and letting your content do the marketing, through articles, blogs, graphics, and infotainment. As a social media marketing agency, we take advantage of the two way communication that consumers are able to have with brands and work with creating user generated content, driving engagement, followers and brand visibility. xszz

- Our Approach to paid Social Media Marketing

1. The Brief

We capture all your objectives here. By defining each objective we also paint a picture of who your target audience is. This brief document serves as a master document that guides us through the project.

2. Account Audit

We begin by doing a deep dive into your accounts to see what kind of content has worked for you in the past, analyse every little analytic from the time your account has begun. We then audit, if each account is set up correctly with all the information your brand needs to display. If you are new, we look through your competitors and make suggestions..

3. Audience Research

As a social media marketing agency we learn everything there is about your audience. Their interests, the pages they visit, the type of blogs they read, the types of posts they like, at what time they are active and what they post.

4. Competitive analysis

We check out other brands in the same industry or similar brands in other industries, even if they aren’t directly competing with you, give us insight on what’s working for them. We compile this data and use this intelligence to create a strategy.

5. Strategy

We create a strategy by aligning the content to the user persona and their needs. At the same time we devise a post strategy, keywords and targeting metrics. The strategy is presented to you before we go live.

6. Management

Once the campaign is live, we monitor and optimize. The ads are then analyzed to find the top performing ads sets. Which are then further boosted and the underperforming ads are stopped. Thereby ensuring higher success to your social media marketing campaign.

What we do

Facebook Marketing Services

With over a billion users on Facebook, it currently offers the cheapest CPC to place ads on. With our ongoing analysis and expertise we devise effective campaigns, whether it’s for followers, views, link clicks, lead generation or brand visibility.

● Page Likes and Engagement

We don’t buy likes, we earn them. We devise thought provoking content that can help users connect better to your brand.

● Result Tracking

We’re always monitoring your social media campaigns, to check when you are getting the most of your ad spends. The data is key insight when we continue to run more campaigns.

● Facebook Advertisement

We manage all your ads, campaigns and marketing content. We handle the targeting of interests demographics and always give you measurable ROI.

Instagram Marketing Services

At Mammal Digital, we position Instagram along with Facebook with most instances, but there are times we only use Instagram for a particular part of the campaign. Instagram gives campaigns high visibility, more views, and at times a much higher success rate, as users are less distracted by the interface. So whether it’s ads, posts, creating videos, stories and user generated content, we’re pro’s with handling your Instagram account.

● Instagram Advertisement

We have created a lot of high performing content on instagram that have given us a lot of organic and paid views. Instagram videos work really well, and we usually create videos in vertical and square formats which work specifically for the platform.

● Reporting

Our reports are in depth yet concise. Our reports give you insights on the campaigns which also improve our success rate of getting engagements on the following campaigns.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn is a go to platform for Business to Business marketing. With over 500 million users segregated by designations from Top Management to Senior level decision makers of companies worldwide, it’s the right place to get the attention your brand needs. We help you optimize your accounts, create a content strategy, write blogs and design slides. We also help you advertise on linkedin and help you with posting of jobs.

● Market Research

Every campaign begins with research of your target audience and understanding your goals and objectives. We also understand what works for your competitors and we create content and messaging that align with your business Goals.

● LinkedIn Strategy

After an in-depth research we create a strategy for your campaigns, that include messaging, targeting and a posting schedule and manage your budgets wisely. We also leave room for industry news that might happen at any time.

● Content Creation and Campaigns

We help with creating newsworthy content personalized to your business through blogs, videos, slides or posts . We then push appropriate ads to that targeted audience to acquire more leads and visibility.

● Management

We help manage your account endlessly, right from answering queries on your campaigns and posts to effectively networking with the right audience. Our management services include handling your ads and posting jobs on behalf of your brand.

● Reports

All campaign results and performance data on how well your posts are doing are compiled and sent to you regularly. This lets you understand how well the platform is doing for you and how well we do our job.

YouTube Marketing Services

YouTube owned by Google, also serves as a search engine, and often videos show up on google search results. We have helped many brands get over a million views on YouTube with paid advertising. We help you create content for your channels, optimize your YouTube channels, monetize them and effectively run your video ads on other YouTube videos. So whether it’s brand visibility or link clicks or communicating your offers, YouTube is one of the best platforms to add to your campaign.

● Video Production and content creation

We can help with producing films for you based on your brief and campaign objective. Films can range from High budget productions, low range free hand productions, amateur film content, slideshows or static ads.

● Campaign Creation & Management

We help with targeting you campaigns, setting up the right tags, descriptions and headlines that will help you get the most visibility for the keywords user search for. We manage your campaigns through the life cycle and optimizing to make the right people are watching your videos and ads.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing was one of the first forms of digital marketing and is still used widely to garner attention by brands. Right from setting up email automation of a campaign or mailing a list that’s subscribed to you. Email marketing is a crucial step to every campaign to engage with your consumers and build leads and new relationships.

● Strategy

Mammal Digital will help you create strategies that help you stay out of the spam list. Right from content creation to understanding the right words to use in your subject, we create campaigns that help your consumer stay in touch with your brand.

● Deployment

At Mammal we help with setting up your campaigns and deploying the emails through a variety of tools we use. We also make sure the content of the email have the right call to actions and plan the user journeys once we have the desired actions. We also help with monitoring your campaigns and report the right metrics to you.

● Creative

Our creative team helps you design eye catching campaigns with the right content, call to actions and custom graphics which are aligned to your goals and objectives.

● Email Newsletters

We use the best practices when it comes to creating Email newsletters. Right from great design, and content that’s aligned to what’s going on with your company, we deliver the best open rates, click through rates and conversions.

● Email List Maintenance

We also help with maintaining your lists apart from helping you create subscribers. Subscribers that don’t engage with your campaigns often impact negatively on email delivery. We help in maintaining the health of your lists.

Other mediums

Pinterest Marketing Services

With over 200 million users, Pinterest has served an influential platform when it comes to deciding on products of any kind. So if you’re a brand that sells a product, we make sure Pinterest in part of your campaign strategy, by segregating the product categories on different boards in Pinterest. Pinterest not only helps you be found on their search engine, but will help visibility on popular search engines like google.

At Mammal we help you optimize your account, with the right images, descriptions and overviews to help your brand be found and pinned across the world.

Twitter Marketing Services

When it comes to keeping in touch with your audience Mammal recommends Twitter to be part of the strategy. Twitter in short, 280 characters to be precise, has been at the forefront for celebrities and top brands to make announcements. We help you optimize the account, build your brand, engage with your audience, tweeting and retweeting relevant information and most of all run your campaigns and make sure that your content is at the forefront of feeds.


They are critical in creating visibility, communicating to the user, and generating the enthusiasm for the product.

- Increment brand awareness
As indicated by our recent State of Social Media 2016 overview, brand awareness is the top explanation advertisers utilize social media. It’s straightforward: The normal individual goes through about two hours via social media each day, and along these lines social media is probably the best place to catch shoppers’ attention.

Social media has likewise empowered advertisers to have an increasingly quantitative understanding of their brand’s image and reach in the online world. Also, presently most social media platforms give information on the scope of your content, permitting you to report your online presence all the more precisely.

- Drive traffic to your site
The net step from having a brand image via social media is driving users to your site or blog, who may transform into your clients.

Three of every five advertisers utilize social media to distribute their content and direct people to their websites. A group at HubSpot, for example, developed their monthly blog traffic by 241% over eight months through social media experiments.

- Generate new leads
Lead generation is normally used by organizations with a long sales process, for example, enterprise software companies.

This “path” is basically your sales funnel. With the large number of people you can reach, social media can be an extraordinary device for getting individuals to the top of your business funnel (or warming them up to your business).

The meaning of a lead is very expansive, yet it typically implies that the person has given your organization some type of data about themselves, for example, their name, email address, and others.

While talking about social media marketing platforms, there is nobody greater than Facebook. Established in 2004, Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users and really owns one of different networks on this list, Instagram. Facebook is the greatest social media website around, with over two billion individuals utilizing it consistently. What began as a way for students to connect, send messages, has developed into a important business and an important place of doing business.
Facebook permits organizations to create brand pages, which supporters can "like" to show their enthusiasm for following. However, organic reach among the individuals who like Facebook pages is inauspiciously low, as Facebook favors organizations to pay to "boost," or raise the reach of their post to their full crowd. Best practices are to send new updates to your page two or three times each day with remarkable, intriguing content that can incorporate links to your products and site, and other curated content pertinent to your target audience.
While talking about social media advertising platforms, there is nobody greater than Facebook.

Understand your users The first thing you have to recognize is who your target user is. Client profiling gives you the information you need so as to draw in an great crowd. A portion of the more significant variables to consider include:
Demographics – what is the age, gender and income of your followers?
Psychographics – what's their character type?
Behaviour – what are their preferences, dislikes and hobbies?
In case you're advertising to different organizations, consider what sort of organization they are, number of people who work for them and what their income and geographic extension is.
Discover your users – so as to draw in your ideal following, you first need to discover them. Do they in general use Facebook more than Twitter?
What do they search for on the web?
Where do they like to go when they're not on the Internet?
One of the most significant things to comprehend about your clients is their purchasing conduct. Do they make impulse buys? Do they search out referrals?
Where do they do their research about products/services?
Do they purchase on the web? Do they make a purchase online if there is an offer?
Produce valuable content Infographics – infographics are engaging and staggeringly captivating so it's nothing unexpected that they're the most socially shared type of content.
Interactive content – regardless of whether it's a moving picture, animation, quiz, video or a game, making an experience for your user will get noticed.
Pictures - stats show that Tweets with pictures get 18% more snaps, 89% more likes and 150% more retweets. Photographs on Facebook get 53% more number of likes than the normal post and pull in 104% more comments.
Engage Setting up connections and building relationships is perhaps the most effortless approaches to get more individuals following your social media pages. If you don't have the opportunity to sit down and do this regularly, attempt t do the absolute minimum.
If somebody reacts to your post,like their comment. In the event that a follower sends you a message, try to reply to them since this could be somebody who is considering utilizing your product or service.
Use hashtags Like keywords to draw in users to your site, hashtags are significant if you need to build your exposure via social media. Twitter and Instagram are the place hashtags are most usually utilized so you ought to consistently attempt to use them when posting on these channel.
Be reliable
Conduct competitions
Tag other personalities and brands
Use analytics

If you comprehend that social media marketing matters for your business you're way ahead in front of different CEOs. To spare you time and help you organize, I've separated (and just included) the five best platforms for advertising, including their main audiences and top companies for the channel: Facebook

Many people interpret social media advertising strategy as meaning "we should plan each tweet and Facebook post precisely." The magnificence of social media is that it's intended to be a type of communication that associates, the brand to the individual.
What an extraordinary strategy comprises of is planning around occasions (face to face or an organization event) and what cool things you can show from said occasion, and how it will take place. If it's a one-day occasion, plan three days around it. It's significant for you to likewise realize you won't mystically pull in audience without the correct event or content - this can mean a big celebrity, or a good arrangement, or basically having the correct sort of followers. Young people may follow using Instagram over Facebook or Twitter. for example.

Estimating social media ROI is perhaps the greatest frustration of entrepreneurs and one of the most asked questions about social media. Fast Company detailed that 88% of 750 studied advertising professionals didn’t feel they could accurately measure the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. Honestly, social media has direct and indirect impacts that are difficult to measures flawlessly. In any case, so are numerous PR and advertising endeavors!
While you can't measure all SMM impacts, you should in any case measure the ones you can. 1. Start with defining conversion goals. That could be: Making purchases online;
Clicking on a link to seller site;
Spending time on creating landing pages;
Pursuing a newsletter, taking part in social media interactions.
2. Track conversions. Reach. Your opinion on the number of followers is, the more users that see your campaign or ad, the greater your ROI.
Traffic. Once more, your ROI relies upon getting users to your site or another URL where conversions occur.
Social media generated leads. The issue here is that you will just see leads that made an online move. You won't see lurker: individuals that take no activities on the net yet presented your product and may do offline buys because of Social Media introduction.
Clients - leads that become clients.
Conversion rate. Following the level of users by social media platform or promotion piece will tell you what's working and so forth.
3. Assign monetary value to every conversion by assessing a Lifetime Value of a Customer.
4. Collect incoming traffic and conversion numbers utilizing Google Analytics. Compare money related estimation of those conversions
5. cost per channel by including work and different expenses.
6.Use information from stages 4 and 5 to compute the ROI per social media channel.

Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ads fit the form of the platform where they’re placed. While PPC and social media ads technically qualify as native advertising, most native advertising is articles published or promoted on editorial sites. Native advertising has grown steadily because (1) it’s not ignored like display ads are and
(2) it’s not filtered by ad blockers.

Quick. Utilize a Social Media Monitoring device to be there immediately for any angry customer. Research shows that users take it better when their complain is offered an explanation immediately, regardless of whether the issue isn't solved.
Act friendly and nice. Put forth an attempt to show that you comprehend the issue and are being as helpful as you can be.
Use humor if it suits your brand image.
Never talk back (recall trolls) and never erase any comments (recollect Print Screen).

The best way to find out what type of content converts most successfully for you is to test, change and test again until you find the right one for you.

A social media strategy is only great as the content it produces. To be successful, social media strategist needs talent for click-worthy headers (that absolutely makes a difference). They need an eye for applicable, shareable content. If they've dealt with a blog previously, ask them to share a few models from articles they think is great.