Palam Silks
Boost E-commerce Sales

Palam Silks a boutique silk saree brand established for over 15 years with multiple stores in Chennai.

The requirement

South India’s leading Silk saree brand wanted to increase their sales on their E-commerce website.

The challenge

Before we came onboard their communication was only reaching 47% of the user base

Our Approach

1Campaign Setup

6 Months of Data analysis
Campaigns focused on a 75% Female & 25% Male audience & split into different age groups.

A Lookalike audience was created using geo-locations from top performing geographies


Custom messaging was created for each audience.

Ad campaigns were deployed city & state wide

Budgets were split based on our proprietary data generated for each platform.

3Monitoring & Optimization

Facebook / Google Search / LinkedIn

With constant monitoring of the ad groups, we were able to filter out the top performing ad sets & boost them further. The campaigns were further optimized to improve the quality score of the ads thereby giving us a cheaper cost per lead.



enquiries in two weeks with 491 registrations


reduction - Cost per lead reduced to Rs 620