Our Services

Mammal Digital is dedicated to helping its customers through a range of services that lie within the digital marketing sphere. We help customers realize their full potential by strategically positioning their products or services through a variety of digital platforms at the right time, right price with the right communication.

Search Engine Optimization

Humans search endlessly, and with an ocean of data out there, being found within the right search result is proving to be more difficult than a few years ago. Moreover being found on top, means you have the keys to success and survival.

We help brands do just that, compete to be found at the top of search results, through an in-depth on page & off page optimization process designed by carefully selecting keywords that your brand needs to rank for.


PPC Services

Paid search ads are an extremely effective way of getting your digital marketing started. Whether it’s inbound or outbound marketing our objective is to make sure your campaigns get the best engagement at the best possible rate. So whether it’s more visibility, more leads or more sales, we deliver results to your campaigns through effective targeting and ad optimization using a variety of keywords to make sure we know what’s the best performing ad groups, before we put your money on the table, to make sure you get your ROI.


Social Media Marketing

At Mammal Digital we look at social media very differently than your regular user. With every campaign social media plays a huge role for all the clients we work with. Social Media marketing encompasses a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube and more. While these platforms allow us to extensively run ads with targeting right down to the area, genders, and interests, Social media is great for creating news and letting your content do the marketing, through articles, blogs, graphics, and infotainment. As a social media marketing agency, we take advantage of the two way communication that consumers are able to have with brands and work with creating user generated content, driving engagement, followers and brand visibility.


Brand Protection Management

Let’s face it, your brand’s reputation in the digital world is as important as it is in the real world. Why ? Because even before a consumer interacts with your brand in the real world, your consumer can make a decision whether or not to engage with you based on what other consumers are saying about you online. At Mammal Digital we help you protect your brand’s reputation online by two simple methods to ensure we bring more positive content about your brand to the forefront, which helps users make a more informed decision. We also help answer all those negative reviews and try and sort them out through social listening.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Strategy that meet your business goals.

At Mammal Digital we deep dive into your business goals to carefully plan the use of digital channels, the types of content and the budgets we need to make sure your business goals are met.


Website Design & Development

Your Website is your digital front.

Mammal builds you a digital front, customized to your business objectives. We build robust websites that are capable of evolving with your business. Our approach to website design and development is led purely through performance and return on investment. After all, what’s the point of having a website if no ones looking at it. We deliver websites that comply with google’s guidelines letting your business rank better and be found easily by your audience. Furthermore we make sure the content and interface is engaging enough, the website is able to capture data, and is SEO ready.


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