SIP Abacus
Student acquisition & franchise enquiries

SIP abacus conducts an after school program that improves their Arithmetic skills, with over 600 centers across India.

The requirement

Get Parents across India to enrol their kids to the SIP Abacus program.

Get prospective Franchisees enquiries

The challenge

Running campaigns across India.

No pre existing data on the user type.

Our Approach

1Campaign Setup

We setup 3 campaigns that ran into 162 ad sets.


+Targeting audience city wise
+Micro Targeting with 5km radius
+Micro targeting with 3km radius
+Audience with general interest
+Audience with Interest from In
+Market Audience on Google
+Analytics Audience without interest.

3Monitoring & Optimization

Facebook / Google Search / LinkedIn

The Mammal team closely monitored each ad set and campaign which in turn led us to collect data for the client on

+ Best communication
+ Audience type
+ Which city / area performed better
+ audience interests



Increase in Brand visibility


Reducing cost per lead on Google platforms


Reducing cost per lead on Google platforms