Website design and development

Your Website is your digital front.

Mammal builds you a digital front, customized to your business objectives. We build robust websites that are capable of evolving with your business. Our approach to website design and development is led purely through performance and return on investment. After all, what’s the point of having a website if no ones looking at it. We deliver websites that comply with google’s guidelines letting your business rank better and be found easily by your audience. Furthermore we make sure the content and interface is engaging enough, the website is able to capture data, and is SEO ready.

- What do you get?

Responsive Design

We make sure your content and graphics adapt to the array of screens out there, from mobile to tablet to desktop.

Convert with a better experience

We help you generate more conversions through detailed and unique content, custom interfaces and an end to end experience.

Built with robust code

We build custom templates from scratch specifically designed for your needs. It’s free from unnecessary functions and junk code that slow your website.

Our Approach

1. The brief

We capture all your objectives, structure, features and content for us to begin work. The brief guides us through the process.

2. Research

We do research of your competitors, their content and we what’s helping their websites perform. The research will be treated as insights when we write your content and design your website.

3. Mockup & Wireframe

We create a mockup of your website through a wireframe to finalize the features, call to action and figure out where content is needed.

4. Content Architecture & Writing

We plan for you the type of content you require and which page it needs to be on. Then we proceed to writing the content from the raw data provided to us.

5. Design

The design process includes implementing your branding and following your guidelines to design an interface and a user experience that will have audiences engage with your website and keep them coming back for more.

6. Development

Development of the design into a website through various skill sets of programming. Our team identifies the website goals and use an array of programming languages that best fit your needs.

7. On Page SEO

Before we Launch your website we make sure it’s search friendly. We optimize all the images and content to set you up for the offpage search engine optimization.